California has given Laurent’s cuisine a new world of ingredients, as well as the opportunity to indulge his equally passionate pursuit of winemaking. Since 2004, Laurent has been involved in vineyard ventures here and abroad, where he has been instrumental in the creation of several vintages with Master Sommelier Emmanuel Kemiji, Chefs Gerald Hirigoyen and Sylain Portay.

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The New Vintage of Roques is now in San Francisco

In the heart of Gascony’s abundant terroir lies Roques, a tiny village with a massive soul. Centuries-old tradition swirl with the region’s infinite aura here, the home of childhood friends Laurent Manrique, the region’s internationally renowned chef and Alain Brumont – the region’s internationally renowned winemaker.

The magical intersection has brought forth Laurent and Alain’s first collaboration. Aptly named ROQUES, this wine truly captures the joyous spirit of both its village and of Gascony.


Sourcing exquisite fruit from the Pissarra Vineyard, Spain

Our wines from Spain Clos Pissarra and Arrels.

We are proud of our ratings from Robert Parker: The Wine Advocate

My Clos Pissarra wines are available at Blanc et Rouge wine bar in San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center.

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