As Chef Laurent Manrique has learned, combining simplicity with challenge walks a tightrope between passion for one’s craft and a desire to constantly seek new opportunities. Currently, Laurent commutes between San Francisco and New York to oversee concepts in each location. Café de la Presse, a renowned Parisian-inspired bistro owned by Laurent, in addition to Blanc et Rouge and Rouge et Blanc, two stylish wine bars in downtown San Francisco, enjoy distinction among the city’s most popular dining and entertainment destinations. Laurent’s New York project, Millésime, an upscale seafood brasserie in the historic Carlton hotel on Madison Avenue, is slated to open in November 2010.
After 2010, the latest project was opening on Aquitaine Wine Bistro in 2013.

Here are some of the many accolades Laurent and his restaurants have earned:

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Aquitaine Wine Bistro: Michael Bauer’s Review of Aquitaine
People Magazine: Best French Fries in San Francisco
• “Aquitaine has flavor of France, and is no mere wine bar.” ~ Michael Bauer • Millesime: Best New Restaurants, Esquire Magazine, 2011
• Millesime: Two Stars, New York Times, 2011
• Millesime: Two and a Half Stars, New York Post, 2011
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• Campton Place: “Top 10 Best Restaurants in the Bay Area,” Gourmet, 2000
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• Fifth Floor: One Star, Michelin Guide, 2008
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